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Episode 16 # Tamara Lunger: A dreamer in love with the mountains

She is an Italian ski-mountaineer and alpinist who has ventured to the high Himalayas to scale 8000 m peaks in winter. She says, "Each moment I spend in the mountains helps me be increasingly aware of who I am and be more grateful towards life."

Last winter she went back to K2 for a winter ascent. Despite the lofty achievements by 10 strong Nepali climbers that finally stood on K2 in winter, the season turned out to become a sad reminder of the mountain's ruthlessness and sacrifice as 5 people tragically lost their lives.

I’m eager to talk to Tamara about choices in life, how to push the extremes, risk acceptance, and where the love from jagged peaks derive from. In Tamara’s own words, "I am a dreamer in love with the mountains."


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