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Episode 7 # Billi Bierling: Keeping track of all great climbs in the Himalayas.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

A person who had no real ambition as an adolescent became a distinguished Himalayan historian, keeping track of all the audacious climbs in the Himalayan Database.

Billi became the third German woman to successfully climb Mount Everest on May 21, 2009 and has reached six of 14 of the highest peaks in the world. Billi knows the Himalayas better than anyone and is considered the authority on mountaineering in this region by The Outdoor Journal.

In this interview we talk about her crossroads in life, exploratory climbs in the Himalayas, sacred mountains, how much circus there really is at Everest, how the future of mountaineering in the Himalayas.

Billi Bierling’s webpage:


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