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Episode 9 # Raha Moharrak: First Arab woman to have climbed Mount Everest.

Raha Moharrak is the first Arab woman and youngest Arab to have climbed Mount Everest and the Seven Summits.

“I think today mankind needs to reconnect with their humanity…We’ve lost what it means with human connection and that has made us a bit callous.”

On the question of why she climbs mountains, her laconic answer is, “because I was told I couldn’t”. According to her, nobody believed she could do it. Being the first Saudi woman to climb Everest was far from what people expected. She has literally eradicated that stereotype and is now one of the leading Saudi females who are recognized to break barriers and defy all norms. She says that she is honored that she’s now part of history, but she doesn’t think it would mean anything if it doesn’t change anything.


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