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A word from the founder

In this podcast, we go to the moon, to the challenger deep, and everything in between.

When I was a child, I feared heights, daunted by the prospect of death, and bullied because I had the audacity to be different. So, I looked up to the people who had ventured into the unknown and who possessed the courage to challenge the status quo. Society will always be fascinated by people who perform daring things and succeed with the impossible. They are the guiding light that we can lean on so that we to can find the bravery to turn dreams into reality.


Chase your dreams

Impossible is just a two-syllable word for I’m possible so my hope is that with this podcast, I will inspire you to dare bigger and bolder and encourage you not to think less of yourself.

It’s more important than ever to have people who raise the bars and usher us into a new possible considering the challenges that lays ahead i.e. climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, plastic oceans, coral bleaching to name a few. If we can go to the moon, visit the challenger deep and row across oceans there is literally nothing we cannot do.

Meeting Explorers is a tribute to the human spirit, and with the purpose to not settle for less and never stop discovering as the impossible just takes a little bit longer. So, stay hungry, face your fears. think less and chase your dreams.

With kind regards

Fredrik Sträng

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