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Episode 15 # Pamela Shanti Pack: The ultimate fighting with a rock

She is the high priestess of very wide cracks and the ruthless world of inverted off widths, a search she describes as "the ultimate fighting with a rock." She has made "over 80 first ascents", many of them in Vedauwoo, Wyoming. Pamela is a woman with many talents in love with immersion in landscape and who practices her passion at the highest level.

I'm curious to learn more about her crossroads in life, how to jump back on the horse after accidents, the art of handling suffering, the importance of partnerships, the perils and opportunities that come with perfectionism, the challenges in being content in life, and her perspective on how to live a satisfying explorer's life. Be prepared to be swept away in this warm and inspirational conversation as we touch on everything from the human condition, the history of off width, to the mystery of life itself.


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